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content management easy as possible!

Your web site will be the more interesting, the more frequently you are changing the content. But this content change quite often confronts the owner of a website for huge difficulties – because they don’t have the required coding knowledge. But this is absolute not require – provided that proper solution for the management of the content was integrated in the website.

Our goal is it, to make the content management for customers as easy as possible. Therefore we developed a content management system which is easy to handle and well-arranged. Each employee with basic computer knowledge will be able to manage the website after a short introduction lesson.

Of course we are also offering open source solutions like Joomla, Drupal or Typo3. These systems are much more complex as our own system, but offer therefore the advantage to manage also very complex websites, portals or editing systems for newspaper online editions.

We certainly can consult you by the selection of the right system for your needs, also showing you the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems.